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A short fictitious story that usually uses animals, plants, or inanimate objects as characters to teach a moral lesson. There are two clear examples of this form in the Bible: Jotham’s fable of the thorn tree (Abimelech) that was chosen king instead of more worthy trees (Jerubbaal’s sons; Judg 9:7-15) and Jehoash’s fable of the thorn bush (Amaziah) that arrogantly challenged the cedar of Lebanon (Jehoash) and was trampled (2Kgs 14:9; 1Chr 25:18). In some older English translations, “fables” (Gk. mythos) refer to false teachings that were being urged upon the early church (1Tim 1:4; 2Tim 4:4; 2Pet 1:16). Most newer translations use the word “myths.”